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Summers Lens Bond optical cements are synthetic polymer adhesives manufactured under the strictest quality control. They are filtered to remove all particles larger than 1 micron in size, and filled under clean room conditions. These cements will meet and exceed military environmental specifications. LENS BOND Optical Cements are easy to use.

Summers Optical cements are available "Off the shelf" and can be shipped within 24 hours (or sooner) of receipt of your order.

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Optical Cements - Decementing Agents - Lens Coating Hardness Testers
Cement Department Supplies - Technical Data - Problem Solving

Optical Cements

Two Component Optical Cements

Type C-59 A two-component cement which meets Military Specification,
MIL-A-3920. NSN#804000-266082-8.
Type M-62 A versatile two-component Cement used by companies producing large quantities of cemented doublets. Type M-62 is popular because of its accelerated oven-cure speed. This cement also meets Military Specification, MIL-A-3920. NSN#8040-00-148-7287.
Type F-65 A two-component, room temperature, curing cement used in experimental and short-run projects, or where curing ovens are not available. Meets MIL-A-3920.
Type RD3-74 A modification of Type F-65. This cement remains slightly elastic after curing. Meets Naval Drawing Number 639AS604.
Type DC-90 A two-component, hybrid ultraviolet sensitive optical cement used in reducing strain in large elements.
Type DB-99 DB-99 has been discontinued.

UV Curing Optical Cements

Type UV-69 A one-component, ultraviolet curing cement. Cure is achieved by using an ordinary sun lamp. NSN#8040-01-189-9644.
Type UV-74 Lens Bond UV-74 has been discontinued. Please see J-91.
Type J-91 A general purpose, one component, water white, 100% solids ultraviolet curing optical cement. This cement meets the requirements of MIL-A-3920.
Type HS-2 An optically clear, single component, instant bonding (20 seconds) adhesive
Type P-92 Type P-92 is no longer available. Please see other uv curing products on this page.
Type SK-9 A single component, UV curing photopolymer which exhibits high
adhesion to plastic.

Structural Adhesives and Epoxies

Type EK-93 A 100% solids epoxy system which is used as a structural adhesive or sealant.
Milbond Glass-to-Metal Adhesive System A four component system that meets MIL-A-48611
NSN #8040-Ol-1390325 (Type I)
NSN #8040-Ol-304-0784 (Type II)

Decementing Agents

Lens Bond
Decementing Agent
Easily and safely decements optical cements with little or no breakage.
Milsolve An easy to use decementing agent for Milbond.
Seperation Film
A protective water soluble film for those areas not being cemented.
Lens Bond Primer A primer which assists in the bonding of difficult surfaces

Lens Coating Hardness Testers

Testing Kit A kit developed to test optical coatings on lenses that must meet military specifications.

Individual Kit Components

Cement Department Supplies

Mix Kit: For easier and more accurate mixing of 2 component cements
Individual Kit Components
Ultrasonic Baths and Cleaning Solutions
UltraViolet Lights
Cotton Tipped Applicators
Optical Cleaning Cloth , EMS Lens Tissue, and Kimwipes

Dust Off and Dust Blower

Dermal Protective Devices

Optical Accessories

Eyepiece Reticles

Stage Micrometers
Optical Resolution Charts
Calibration Standards Aids, Line Scales

Technical Data

Adhesion Properties/Solvent and Thermal Resistance/Laser Applications
Environmental Testing/Creep Test Results
Transmission Studies

Problem Solving

Bonding Manual and Guide
Bond Failures - Causes and Remedies


Summers Optical

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